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An East Medford Micro Bakery

The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s micro breweries, but have you ever heard of a micro bakery? 

The two industries have a lot in common:

Small, direct-to-consumer, locally owned and independently operated bakery

using real ingredients that produce unique flavor profiles 

leaning on both natural fermentation processes of wild yeast bacterium (aka: sourdough) and commercial yeast products.

With my East Medford micro bakery, I’m not out to compete with mass-produced bread products you find on the shelves at local grocery stores. 

 It's all about the quality of the product, not how quickly it can be produced. 

Learn more about my journey to becoming a baker with some insight into my technique here.

Coppertop Kitchen Katiedid English Muffins

Katiedid English Muffins

A fan favorite! 

These sourdough muffins are chock-full of pockets to catch all those schmears and fillings...perfect for breakfast sandwiches!

Coppertop Kitchen Signature Sourdough Boule

Signature Sourdough

A naturally leavened sourdough boule.

Full of flavor all on it's own, but add-ins are available, including:


My personal favorite. 

These bagels are prepared using the traditional boil and bake method and carry a crispy, chewy outside and a tender crumb on the inside.

Service Area

Coppertop Kitchen Service Area

Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley is as beautiful as it is spacious.

While customers from all around the globe are welcome to place a pre-order at any time, it’s going to be up to you to find a ride to pick it up!

That’s right: generally speaking, I do the baking - you do the taking.

(Custom order? Delivery is an option! Let’s talk...)

If you’re in the valley, map your route to the Capital Hill neighborhood in Old East Medford to get a good idea of your driving distance.

I do not currently offer shipping on any baked goods.

 "This is how all bread should taste" - Lena 

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